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Dr. Jennifer Miller has more than 15 years of experience helping patients relieve pain, lose weight, and treat a host of other medical ailments. 

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With good health comes the ability to take part in life’s joys. That’s why Dr. Jennifer Miller has devoted her career to helping people reach their health and wellness goals.

Weight Loss

Trimming down can be hard, because sticking to a diet and exercise program is difficult. With the right support and the right knowledge, Dr. Miller has helped clients lose more than 40,000lbs. using a combination of laser-like liposuction, nutrition coaching, and other techniques developed during the last 17 years.


Nerve damage can lead to a lot of different health issues including pain, tingling, numbness, temperature sensitivity, balance issues, and more. Most often these symptoms are manifested in the hands and feet, but any part of the body can be affected. Early diagnosis and targeted treatment are essential in alleviating neuropathy symptoms.


The spine is like an axle of a car. If something’s out of alignment, you’re going to have problems. Manual adjustments can safely realign the spine, neck, and extremities to relieve pain and headaches, improve range of motion, and prevent future injury.


The GAINSWave® Acoustic Wave Therapy is a NON-INVASIVE, DRUG-FREE, NEEDLE-FREE, PAIN-FREE cutting-edge treatment in NYC for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).It is an FDA-approved medical device that is designed for soft tissue repair and enhanced blood flow through the use of acoustic wave technology. Instead of using artificial drugs to promote blood flow, the gentle pulsating waves open up existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

Other Treatments

The Health Expressions office also features other treatments that aid in our core practice. Aquamassage, cleanses, body wraps, and more are available.

Rockville’s Alternative Medicine Provider

Using a holistic approach, Dr. Miller has helped thousands of people in the city of Rockville, Maryland, and the surrounding areas lose weight (and keep it off), relieve pain, and rehabilitate a wide variety of injuries. Call her today at 301-575-4458!

Weight Loss

Everyone has wanted to lose a few pounds at some point. We will help you meet your weight loss goals.

Body Shaping

Tone and firm the parts of your body that have a difficult time responding to diet and exercise.


The body’s structure, especially the spine, is interconnected. Improve mobility and relieve pain naturally without the use of drugs.


Damaged nerves can lead to a variety of issues, including pain, numbness, and balance issues.

Personalized Programs

No two people have the same body chemistry. Your weight loss program will cater to your unique needs, capabilities, and desire.

Laser Lipo

Removing fat with laser-like lipo is safe and easy. Avoid invasive procedures, surgery, pain or drugs and still lose weight.


Dry hydrotherapy is a great way to improve circulation and aid muscle recovery. Experience 180 degree massage in our state-of-the-art AquaMassage bed.


Maintaining a high quality of life requires consistency. Once you’ve met your weight loss or pain relief goals, we can help you stay on track.

Gallery of Success

Celebrating success is an important part of any journey.  Whether it’s losing those last few pounds or overcoming back pain, the Health Expressions community is here to support you. Take a look at our before and after photos, read our client testimonials, and be inspired to take the first steps on the road to a better you.

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Miller

Dr. Jennifer Miller is a health coach and advocate specializing in weight loss, chiropractic, and neuropathy treatment. She has helped thousands of people in the Washington, D.C. area and is now the lead practitioner at Health Expressions in Rockville, MD. If you are looking for a safe, natural form of holistic medicine, Dr. Miller is here for you!

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Dr. Jennifer Miller has helped thousands of people in Rockville, Maryland reach their health goals. 

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