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Forget What You’ve Heard

Spot Reduction Is Possible with Laser-Like Lipo

Anyone who has tried to lose weight is probably heard the familiar refrain that “spot reduction is not possible.” In other words, you can’t just lose weight only on your belly, butt, thighs or other problem area. Instead, you have to lose weight all over in order to slim down in the critical areas you want most.

But now there’s an innovative new procedure that allows you to spot reduce only in the places where you tend to store fat. Laser-like lipo addresses your particular problem areas using the same principles as liposuction, only without the risk and recovery times associated with surgical procedures.

Laser-Like Liposuction being performed

Laser-Like Lipo Targets the Areas Where You Need It Most

Like liposuction, laser-like lipo targets fat cells. But rather than removing them using potentially dangerous and painful vacuum suction and scalpels, laser-like lipo uses safe, effective, and painless light energy that can be directed wherever you need it most.

During a simple 7 to 20 minute session, our team of medical weight loss experts can use laser-like lipo to reduce the size of the fat cells on your thighs, belly, buttocks, upper arms, neck, or wherever you need it most. It’s a safe yet effective weight loss solution that finally lets you spot reduce your specific fat storage areas.

Everybody’s Body Is Different

Based on your genetics, the way you eat, and even your environment, the way your body stores fat is unique to you. Traditional weight loss programs that focus exclusively on diet and exercise may not give you the results you need.

But our weight loss experts can spot reduce your fat in precisely the areas where you store it the most. And, unlike liposuction, with lipo-like laser there are no surgical incisions, bruising, or even recovery times. You can walk out of our clinic after a single visit and look and feel better than you have in years!

If you’re ready to finally spot reduce your problem areas, we’re ready to help. Simply contact us TODAY at (301) 575-4458 to schedule your weight loss consultation with one of our medical professionals!

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