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Body Shaping

What is Body Shaping?

We’ve got several different options for Body Shaping techniques, and based on your personal goals and plans, we will find the combination for you! You don’t have to go under the knife to see dramatic changes in your physical appearance anymore – welcome to the future!

Body Contouring
Spot Reduction has been a myth for years - and for exercise, that's still true. With new technology available today, though, we can go straight after those pesky love handles!
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Laser Like Lipo
Laser-Like Liposuction will stimulate weight loss in your body without so much as a scratch on your skin. Why damage the body you're working so hard to improve?
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Whole Body Vibration
Vibration brings out a host of health benefits and not just weight loss.
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Ishmael Bakarr
Ishmael Bakarr
16:33 12 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing help seriously good results I've been living with sciatica pain for years I wouldn't even wish this pain on my worst enemy. I got help from Dr. Miller and its really more
Rox H
Rox H
23:41 01 Dec 17
I must say this was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Raven is so pleasant and super knowledgeable about the process...which works!! I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking to shed some lbs and enjoy a great experience!read more
Yaya Gaither
Yaya Gaither
20:03 20 Sep 17
This is the best laser like like lipocenter I've ever been to. Excellent service and flexible schedules. I would recommend this place for everyone looking to lose inches!read more
Jack Holland
Jack Holland
12:50 26 Jul 14
My experience has been great at Maryland Laser Fat Loss. I went in to get a little jump start on my efforts to be skinnier before heading to the beach and chalked it up as another task like getting your nails done and not certain I would see results. I always want to see results, but it seemed to good to be true. After my second and third visit I was not longer self-conscious about my thick thighs. I like how they look in shorts! I also felt overly confident and very inspired while wearing the glasses and listening to the music -- there is something that touches your brain and turns off the negative thinking. Next time I am bringing a more
13:14 15 Feb 14
I loved the ease of the process... Calling in for the first time to make an appointment, very flexible schedule, and very nice staff. I was able to get my appointments to fit my busy schedule and all within days. I didn't have to wait weeks like in other offices! The laser treatment is noninvasive, you won't feel a thing. Just sit, relax, and done. I had 3 sessions and I am already feeling my pants lose. I am really looking forward for more!!!read more
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Dr. Jennifer Miller has helped thousands in the Rockville, MD community with health issues ranging from weight loss to pain relief. Her holistic approach is designed to address health issues as naturally as possible. Call today to schedule a free consultation!

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