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The Obesity Epidemic

Your Hormones & Environment Can Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight

Did you know that being overweight isn’t solely determined by how much you eat or how little you exercise? Recent medical research has determined that a variety of other factors can contribute to obesity, including hormone imbalance and environmental factors such as the chemicals in your home or in the products you use.

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If you have tried – and failed – to lose weight in the past, restoring your body’s balance and identifying and removing toxic chemicals from your environment could be all you need to slim down, shape up and restore your optimal health. +ik identifies hormonal imbalances and other physiological issue that may be preventing you from losing weight. In many cases, a simple scan is all that’s required in order to develop a comprehensive action plan – including dietary supplements and the removal of particular toxins from your home and office – that will allow you to lose 20, 30 or even 40 pounds or more in as little as 90 days.

The Obesity Epidemic

The World Health Organization recently commissioned a study of what was causing the recent global obesity epidemic. As of 2007, 30% of all people in the US were clinically obese and another 65% were overweight, a substantial increase from previous years. The study also determined that 60% of all children were either already obese or were likely to become obese later in life. So what changed? Everybody in the world didn’t suddenly stop exercising and start eating unhealthy foods? According to the WHO, the cause may be something called “obesogens”.

Obesogens and Weight Gain

Obesogens are substances that can throw off the natural balance of hormones in your body. Also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals, these obesogens can affect the body’s normal hormonal functions, especially the way it gains and loses weight. The human body has more than 800 hormones that regulate everything from the way your digestive tract absorbs nutrients to fat storage and muscle growth. Any disruption to the delicate balance of the interaction of these hormones can cause changes, including weight gain and the inability to effectively burn fat normally. When obesogens are introduced into the body’s delicate hormone system, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight normally – regardless of how much you diet and exercise. Obesogens may be the underlying cause of obesity in many people.


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There is a lot of information out there about weight loss, but most of it is designed for mass-market consumption and not tailored specifically to your body.

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Identifying and Eliminating Obesogens

NRF technology identifies obesogens in your body. A simple, painless scan can determine exactly which obesogens are causing your body’s hormones to be imbalanced. Our team of expert weight loss professionals – led by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a leading expert in the application of NRF technology for weight loss and optimal health – can then put together a comprehensive “game plan” that will remove these obesogens from your system. Using a combination of dietary supplements, the removal of environmental toxins, and other action, you can remove the endocrine disrupting chemicals that are preventing you from efficiently losing weight. You can then shed unwanted pounds quickly and efficiently while looking and feeling better at the same time. Want to learn more? Then contact us TODAY to schedule your initial weight loss consultation with Dr. Miller or another one of our weight loss professionals.

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